Dispersing agent NNO is generally used in the field of chemical dispersion, that is, paint, ink and other pigment paste grinding. In addition, adding dispersant in resin or emulsion can improve the performance of the main body. The main function is to lower cotton, prevent sinking and help dispersion. Three characteristics are significant characteristics of dispersants and are commonly used to identify Dispersing agent NNO!


First, reduce the viscosity and increase the pigment load. Using appropriate Dispersing agent NNO, the paste viscosity would be significantly reduced. The result is to increase the pigment load, improve productivity play a positive role.


Second, many people who reduce clot and improve engineering construction and practicality will conduct research tests when evaluating thickeners. Improper dispersant collocation, finger touch and not touched parts will appear obvious color difference, the coloring ability of condensed pigment will be reduced, resulting in toner and paint construction difficulties. Condensation of color pools can also be observed by flow plate experiments.

 Dispersing agent NNO

Third, improve transparency or coverage. For paint, the more transparent the paste, the better. For general paint, the higher the coverage of colored grass, the better. In fact, it has to do with the size of the pigment. Some data show that besides refractive index, paint particle size distribution is another important factor of transparency. As the particle size increases, the ability to scatter light begins to decrease as it increases. This ability to scatter light will enhance the coating power of the pigment, when the scattering power is strong, and if the particle size continues to increase, the coating power will decrease. However, if the pigment particle size is less than a certain value, the transparency will increase as the particle size decreases. Dispersant can not change the characteristics of pigment itself, but can control the particle size distribution of pigment, to achieve more ideal color effect.

What is wetting dispersant, wetting dispersant is a kind of surfactant with hydrophilic and lipophilic. Especially insoluble in liquids, the weapon can evenly disperse the solid particles in organic pigments, preventing the solid particles from settling and aggregating to form the agents needed to stabilize the suspension.


So what would your ideal wetting dispersant look like?


If it’s something that’s more likely to soak solid stuff in water. Reduce surface tension or interfacial tension so that water spreads on or penetrates into the surface of a solid material, thereby wetting the solid material. And usually surface active agent, such as soap, sulfonated oil, powder and so on. You can also use soy lecithin, acetylene, mercaptan, mercaptan acetal, etc.


Both are wetting dispersants


1. Adsorb on the surface of solid particles to make the condensed surface of solid particles wet.


2. The surface of solid particles forms an adsorption layer to increase the charge on the surface of solid particles and improve the reaction force between particles forming three-dimensional obstacles


3. Make the surface of solid particles to form a bilayer structure, the outer layer of dispersant water has a strong affinity, increase the degree of solid particles wet by water. Solid particles are estranged by electrostatic repulsion.


4. Uniform system, improve suspension performance, no precipitation, physical and chemical properties of the whole system is the same.

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