• Indigo powder

    Indigo powder

    It is a kind of bleu powder reducing dye, and is the initial product of indigo. It is produced by stoving the filter cake from the former section. It is insoluble in water, ethanol and ethyl ether, but soluble inmelt benzoyl oxide. Itis mainly used in the dyeing and printing of cotton fiber, and is the special dye for jean fabric. It can also be processed into food dye and biochemical agent.

  • Indigo granular

    Indigo granular

    The granular indigo is processed by spray drying the slurry of acid washing indigo with additive, it has advantages of: Free of dust or little flying dust. The granules have certain mechanical strength, and don’ t create dust easily, so it can improve the working environment and sanitary condition.

    Good flowability, which is beneficial to the automatic measuring and operation.

  • Indigo


    Another name: reducing indigo

    Index no. of dyes: C.I.Reducing blue1 (73000)

    Corresponding foreign trade name: INDIGO(Acna, Fran, ICI,VAT BLUE)

    Molecular formula:C16H10O2N2

    molecular weight:262.27

    Chemical name: 3,3-dioxbisindophenol

    Chemical Structural formula: