Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate

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Chemical composition: Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate

CAS NO: 25155-30-0

Molecular formula:R-C6H4-SO3Na  (R=C10-C13)

Molecular Weight: 340-352

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Product description

Chemical composition: Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate
CAS NO: 25155-30-0 
Molecular formula:R-C6H4-SO3Na  (R=C10-C13)
Molecular Weight: 340-352

Quality index






Active Substance Content 60±2% 70±2% 80±2% 85±2%
Apparent density, g/ml 0.18 0.18 0.18 0.18
Water content 5% 5% 5% 5%
PH Value (1% Water Solution) 7.0-115
Appearance and granularity White or light yellow fluid powdery particles 20-80 mesh

Performance and use

Sodium linear alkyl benzene sulfonate is the most important and most used anionic surfactant. It has the characteristics of wetting, penetrating, emulsifying, dispersing, compatibilizing, foaming, and decontamination of anionic surfactants. It is It is equipped with synthetic washing powder, liquid detergent and other main raw materials for civilian washing products. It has a wide range of applications in industry, agriculture and other fields. It is used as a metal cleaning agent in metal processing, as a flotation agent in the mining industry, as an anti-caking agent in the fertilizer industry, and as an emulsifier in agrochemicals. It is used as a cement additive in the building materials industry and as a drilling chemical in the petroleum industry.


Powdered sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate is a new product developed in recent years. Compared with liquid sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, powdered sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate is not only convenient to use, lower packaging costs, but also capable of producing high activity Super concentrated washing powder can be mixed with different proportions of new powdery products, making production easier. Because it can greatly increase the content of anionic active substances in the powdered product, the product can be used more widely in various fields and its performance is significantly improved.

Packing, Storage and Transportation

10kg or 12.5kg woven bag lined with plastic bag, stored at room temperature away from light, the storage period is one year.

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