Dispersants come in many types, including chemical and physical additives. What factors should be considered for Dispersant NNO under their own conditions? Today, dispersant manufacturers will discuss some factors from the combination of different properties and types.


(1) Solvent system. According to the different media, can be divided into water - based, solvent - based, powder and other systems. In general, the Dispersant NNO used are not common. First of all, we should know that additives are used for water-based or solvent-based to meet the requirements of users. If used incorrectly, not only can not play a wet dispersion effect, but will lead to unexpected results.


(2) The nature of the material. Different materials have different charge properties. First, we should distinguish between inorganic and organic. The product should be refined to the point where a certain material is used with a certain additive to achieve the effect, but the effect may not be achieved in the actual production process. Most Dispersant NNO are generic and require gradual user testing.


(3) System compatibility. In the slurry system, besides dispersant, leveling agent, defoaming agent and other additives may also be used, whose compatibility is particularly important. Some dispersants have strong emulsifying performance, which is likely to emulsify defoaming agent and lose defoaming ability. Should pay attention to compatibility, is conducive to formula balance, consider the comprehensive performance of the product.


(4) Does not affect the performance of the product. For example, inorganic electrolyte dispersants cannot be used in the preparation of fine ceramic materials because the constituent ions of inorganic dispersants have an adverse effect on the conductivity and dielectric constant of ceramics. Dispersant selection must be carried out without affecting product performance.


(5) Good cost performance. It is very uneconomical to use high quality, high price additives in low cost products, resulting in a significant increase in costs. Choose what kind of dispersant should also be consistent with the grade of the product, in order to achieve the appropriate price and performance.

Post time: May-26-2022