Sodium butyl naphthalene sulfonate

1. Dissolve 426 parts of naphthalene in 478 parts of n-butanol, add 1 060 parts of concentrated sulfuric acid and 320 parts of fuming sulfuric acid under agitation. Gabi was slowly heated to 50-55 ℃ and kept for 6h. After standing, the underlying acid is released. The upper reaction solution is neutralized with alkali, and then bleached with sodium hypochlorite, sedimentation, filtration, spraying and drying to get the finished product.

2. From naphthalene and butanol, sulfuric acid by sulfonation reaction prepared:


25638-17-9 preparation


320kg butanol and 60kg sec-octanol were added to the reaction pot, stirred and cooled, and 276kg naphthalene was added. 1232kg sulfuric acid (98% sulfuric acid 470kg and 20% fuming sulfuric acid 762kg) was added within 3h at 40 ~ 45℃. After adding, it will automatically heat up to 50 ~ 55℃ within 1.5h and hold at 55 ~ 58℃ for 5h. Let stand for 3h and separate the waste acid in the lower layer. Add 500kg of water for dilution, cool to 40 ~ 50℃, put the material into the neutralization bucket, add 30% liquid alkali for neutralization at the same time, the neutralization temperature does not exceed 60℃, control the pH value is 7 ~ 8. The material liquid is dried, ground, adding sodium sulfate for grinding, and the standardized penetrant BX1100kg is obtained.

Sodium butyl naphthalene sulfonate Computational chemistry

1. Reference value of hydrophobic parameter calculation (XlogP) : None


2. Number of hydrogen bond donors :0


3. Number of hydrogen bond receptors :3


4. Number of rotatable bonds :5


5. Number of tautomers: None


6. Polar surface area of topological molecules is 51.8


Number of heavy atoms :19


8. Surface charge :0


9. Complexity :345


10. Isotope atomic number :0


11. Determine the number of primary structural centers :0


12. Number of uncertain atomic centers :0


13. Determine the number of chemical bond centers :0


14. Number of uncertain chemical bond centers :0


15. Covalent bond units :2

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