Preparation and application of Sodium butyl Naphthalene sulfonate


1. Preparation process of osmotic agent Bx


Penetrant Bx, vulgar name open powder Bx, chemical name: sodium butyl naphthalene sulfonate. By refined naphthalene, n-butanol, concentrated sulfuric acid in the first low temperature condensation of about 25℃ to generate double butylnaphthalene, and then slowly heating up to about 50℃ after the sulfonation reaction, the generation of double butylnaphthalene sulfonic acid, and then with caustic soda neutralization, butyl naphthalene sulfonate, after drying finished products, the reaction formula is as follows:




In the production process of permeating agent Bx, the temperature control of sulfonation reaction is the key, the heating rate should not be too fast, the reaction temperature should not be too high. Otherwise, the butyl group will fall off, affecting the quality of the product.


2. Application of Sodium butyl Naphthalene sulfonate


Osmotic agent Bx is light yellow powder, soluble in water, anionic, with excellent wetting and permeability. In the textile printing and dyeing industry can be used as fiber refining, bleaching, desizing, carbonization, cashmere, chlorination of wool, as well as blending fabric dyeing levelling agent. In pesticide industry, it can be used as a synergistic additive of wettable pesticide, which can obviously reduce the interfacial tension between pesticide and application object, so that the potion can cover evenly on the surface of application object, so as to improve the efficacy.


Preparation and application of cleaning agent Ls


1. Preparation of cleaning agent Ls


The cleaning agent Ls, chemically named methoxy fatty amide sodium benzenesulfonic acid, is sulfonated by p-amino anisole and sulfuric acid at low temperature. After filtration, the filter cake is neutralized with caustic soda to generate 2-sulfo-4-amino anisole sodium, and then condensation reaction with oleyl chloride, drying, finished product. The equation is as follows:




2. Application of cleaning agent Ls


The appearance of Ls is beige powder, easily soluble in water, pH=7 ~ 8, anionic type, with excellent cleaning ability, and has good emulsification, penetration, levelling and calcium soap dispersity. Mainly used for:

(1) Clean raw wool, wool yarn, woolen yarn, woolen fabric and woolen fabric, and get a good plump feel.


(2) reactive dye dyeing or printing after the removal of floating color, can prevent color, make white white, bright color.


(3) acid media dyeing AIDS, reduction, vulcanization, direct and other dyes dyed cotton calcium soap dispersion and levelling agent.


The preparation technology of four aromatic sulfonates, dispersant N, anti-dye salt S, penetrant Bx and detergent Ls, and their properties and applications in textile printing and dyeing and other industries were introduced in this paper. Hope to help solve the problems in the process of production and application of auxiliaries manufacturers and printing and dyeing enterprises.

Post time: Jun-20-2022