Nekal BX is widely used in printing and dyeing processes as penetrant and wetting agent.
(a) as a dye dissolving agent powder dye with 0.5% open powder solution beating, the dye is easy to wet, and then diluted with warm water, can accelerate the dissolution of the dye.
Note, it must be noted that cationic dyes should not be dissolved by pulling powder.
(two) AS AS AS primer dyeing additives AS primer bath towel plus drawing powder 1-3 g/l, primer can make the fabric absorb AS quickly and evenly, the stability of primer and calcium soap diffusion can also improve.
Note: 1. Due to the good rewettability of the drawing powder, it can also make the color develop quickly and completely when using color developing agent after baking.
2. Generally speaking, Nekal BX is used to replace The Swire oil used in the AS base bath.

Nekal BX

(3) VAT dye dyeing auxiliaries for cotton roll dyeing no. 190 Slin blue cloth with Nekal BX modulated dye to help infiltration and levelling. Special product IJ is dyed bath with a small amount of Shilin yan qinglian 2R, because the powder of this dye is relatively light, so first use the solution of pull powder to adjust the dye. Helps to moisten and permeate.
(4) as auxilaries for acid dye dyeing wool polyamide blended fabric dyed with acid dye, the two fibers can be dyed into the same depth of color by drawing powder. The amount of drawing powder depends on the dye variety and the ratio of two kinds of fiber. If the proportion of nylon blending is large, the amount of drawing powder can increase according to the proportion of nylon content, otherwise, it will decrease.
When dyeing polyamide wool blended products with dispersive dyes, the effect of evenness can be obtained by adding draw-off powder 0.25 ~ 0.5 g/l. However, it should be noted that the amount of pull powder up to l g/l above elbow, then the peeling effect.
When dyeing polyester/cotton (dacron) blended yarn with dispersive dyes at high temperature, 2-3 g/l pull powder can be added in the dyeing bath as leveling agent.

Post time: May-20-2022