Sodium Dodecyl benzene sulfonate-SDBS, short for SDBS, is a white or light yellow powdery or flake solid. Difficult to volatilize, soluble in water, easy to absorb moisture agglomerate, soluble in water and translucent solution. Alkali, dilute acid, hard water chemical stability, and strong acid to establish a balance system, slightly toxic. It is a commonly used anionic surfactant.
1, washing effect
Sodium Dodecyl benzene sulfonate-SDBS is neutral, sensitive to water hardness, is not easy to be oxidized, has strong foaming power and high detergent power, and is easy to be compounded with various additives. It is an excellent anionic surfactant with low cost, mature synthesis process and wide application field. Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate-SDBS has significant decontaminizing effect on granular dirt, protein dirt and oily dirt, especially on granular dirt on natural fibers. The decontaminizing effect increases with the increase of washing temperature, and the effect on protein dirt is higher than that of non-ionic surfactants with rich foam. But CAS:25155-30-0 has two shortcomings, one is poor hard water resistance, decontamination performance can be reduced with the hardness of water, so the detergent with its main active agent must be matched with the right amount of chelating agent. Second, the defatting force is stronger, hand washing has a certain irritation to the skin, the clothes feel worse after washing, it is appropriate to use cationic surfactant as softener rinsing. In recent years, CAS:25155-30-0 is often used in combination with non-ionic surfactants such as fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (AEO) in order to obtain better comprehensive washing effect. The main application of CAS:25155-30-0 is the configuration of various types of liquid, powder, granular detergents, wipes and cleaners.

2, emulsifying dispersant
Emulsifier is a kind of material to improve the surface tension between the various components of the emulsion, so that it forms a uniform and stable dispersion system or emulsion. Emulsifier is a surface active substance with both hydrophilic and oleophilic groups in the molecule. When it gathers on the oil/water interface, it can reduce the interfacial tension and reduce the energy required to form the emulsion, thus improving the energy of the emulsion. As an anionic surfactant, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate has good surface activity and strong hydrophilicity, which can effectively reduce the tension of oil-water interface and achieve emulsification. So sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate is widely used in the preparation of cosmetics, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, pesticides and other emulsions.
3, antistatic agent
Any object has its own static charge, this charge can be negative charge can also be positive charge, static charge aggregation to life or industrial production is affected or even harm, will gather harmful charge guidance, eliminate its production, life caused inconvenience or harm chemicals called antistatic agent. Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate can make fabric, plastic and other surface affinity water, at the same time ionic surfactants and conductive effect, thus can make static electricity timely leakage, thereby reducing the danger and inconvenience caused by static electricity
4. Other functions
In addition to the application of the above aspects, textile additives are often used as cotton fabric refining agent, desizing agent, dyeing leveling agent, used as metal degreasing agent in the metal plating process; In the paper industry used as resin dispersant, felt detergent, deinking agent; Used as penetrating degreaser in leather industry; Used as anti-caking agent in fertilizer industry; In the cement industry as gas agent and many other aspects or alone or with the use of components.

Post time: May-31-2022