Dispersing agent MF (also known as diffuser MF) is a formaldehyde condensation of sodium methylate. However, it is known that its use is relatively few. Today I will list the uses of dispersant MF.


Dispersing agent MF is used as follows:


1 dispersant MF can be used for reduction, disperse dye can be used as grinding dispersant and standardization of filling, also can be used in the production of color group diffusion agent.


2. In the printing and dyeing industry, Dispersing agent MF is VAT dye pressor, which is used for stable chromoacid dyeing and dyeing of disperse and soluble VAT dyes.


3. Dispersant MF is used as an additive in the leather industry and as a stabilizer of latex in the rubber industry.


4. Dispersant MF can dissolve concrete into strong water reducing agent, shorten construction period, save cement, save water and improve cement strength.


Dispersant MF is mainly used as dispersant and filler for VAT dyes and disperse dyes, and is mainly used as processing agent and dispersant for the polishing of disperse dyes and VAT dyes, with better performance than dispersant N.

Dispersing agent MF

Application methods


Good diffusivity and protective colloid, no infiltration and foam.

Dispersants are surfactants that are hydrophilic and hydrophilic and we've talked about this many times, dispersants can evenly disperse solid and liquid particles of weapons and organic pigments that are difficult to dissolve in liquids, preventing the particles from settling and accumulating, forming the agents needed to stabilize the suspension. The role of dispersant is to use wetting dispersant to reduce the time and energy required to complete the dispersion process, stabilize the dispersed pigment dispersion, modify the surface characteristics of pigment particles, adjust the movement of pigment particles.


Characteristics of water-based carbon black dispersant:


1. Organic and inorganic pigments have good and stable wetting dispersion, especially suitable for dispersing carbon black pigments.


2. Provide color extension and stability;


3. Under the condition of high pigment content, low viscosity pigment dispersion system can be obtained.


Scope of application: environment-friendly water-based color paste, water-based ink.


Application: first disperse the dispersant to the water-based medium, and then add the coating for high-speed grinding.

Post time: May-19-2022