Why do Dispersant NNO work?

Dispersant NNO molecules contain anchoring groups and stabilizing parts. The role of the anchoring group is to provide a strong enough binding force to the pigment filler particles. Dispersant molecules do not fall off the surface of particles, which is a prerequisite for dispersant to work. The function of the stabilizing part is to stabilize the pigment aggregate particles dispersed by mechanical force through electrostatic repulsion and spatial resistance in the liquid phase to prevent the particles from aggregating.

In organic solvents, when the stable part of theDispersant NNO stabilizes the dispersed pigment particles by spatial resistance, when the spacing of the dispersant particles is smaller than the size of the solvent chain, the solvent chain squeezes each other and the entropy decreases. In water, ionization occurs around ionic groups to form a double layer, and electrostatic repulsion prevents particle agglomeration. If non-ionized polyether is stable, polyether stabilizes dispersed pigment particles by spatial resistance.

In the process of pulp and paper making, a large number of paper chemical dispersants are needed to solve the problems of dispersion, retention, filtration and so on. Adding chemical dispersants to pulp can reduce fiber winding and make paper smooth and good performance. Usually, chemical additives are used in pulp filtration, such as flow AIDS, filters, dispersants, strengthening agents, foaming agents, preservatives, biological enzymes, etc. In this series of preparations, some are individual, some are mixed, cooperate with each other to improve page quality, effectively improve production efficiency, reduce production cost.


Fiber is the key factor affecting paper quality in papermaking process. Like some long fiber is poor compatibility, making additives, fillers and so on away from each other, and then it is difficult to get uniform performance, the ideal strength of the paper. However, with the addition of appropriate dispersant, the surface of solid particles can form a bimolecular structure, and the moisture degree of solid particles can be improved. Some good fiber dispersants require a certain pyrolytic properties, which can improve the dispersion efficiency with the increase of temperature. Then reduce the viscosity of pulp, improve the paper surface smoothness and softness.

Post time: May-26-2022