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Product description

Chemical composition: Sodium m-nitrobenzene sulfonate
CAS NO:  36290-04-7
Molecular formula:C6H4NO5S

Quality index

Appearance Yellow powder
Content ≥90%
PH Value (1% Water Solution) 7.0-9.0
Water Content ≤3.0%

The residue content of 40 mesh holes ≤

Water soluble Dissolved in water
Ionicity anion

Application Technology

The product is resistant to acid, alkali, and hard water, and is mainly used as an anti-whitening agent for vat dyes. Shade protectant for reactive dye printing and pad dyeing, it can also be used as an agent for repairing floral embossments, and a white ground protectant for vat dyed yarn fabrics during cooking.

Reference Dosage

✽ Reactive printing and dyeing paste: 0.5-1%
✽ Prevent color wilting: 5-15g/L
✽ Padding method: 2-3g/L
The specific dosage depends on the process conditions of each factory and adjust the specific process as appropriate through samples to achieve better results.

Packaging and storage

25 kg woven bag lined with plastic bag, stored at room temperature and protected from light, the storage period is one year.

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