Dispersing agent CNFNaphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate

Short Description:

Chemical composition: Benzyl naphthalene sulfonic acid formaldehyde condensate

CAS NO: 36290-04-7

Molecular formula:C21H14Na2O6S2

Product Detail

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Product description

Chemical name: p-methoxyl fatty acyl amide benzenesulfonic acid
Properties: This product is beige brown powder, easily soluble in water, it is resistant to acid, alkali and hard water.
Uses: excellent detergent, penetrating agent and calcium soap dispersing agent. It can be used in cleaning wool fabrics, or used as leveler for vat dyes, sulfur dyes and direct dyes, etc.
Packing: 200kg fiber drum or 50kg woven bag

Quality index

Appearance Light yellow powder
Dispersion ≥100% compared with standard
Solid Content 91%
PH Value (1% Water Solution) 7.0-9.0
Water Content ≤9.0%
Insoluble contentt %, ≤ ≤0.05
Sodium sulfate content ≤5.0

Performance and Use

The product is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, heat-resistant, hard water-resistant, and inorganic salt-resistant, and can be used simultaneously with anionic and non-ionic surfactants. It is easily soluble in water of any hardness, has excellent diffusibility and protective colloidal properties, has no surface activity such as penetrating foaming, has affinity for protein and polyamide fibers, but has no affinity for cotton, linen and other fibers. Used as a dispersant and solubilizer in dye manufacturing, with excellent dispersibility, in textile printing and dyeing, pesticides, papermaking, water treatment, pigment industry, carbon black dispersant, electroplating additive, rubber emulsion stabilizer, and leather auxiliary tanning agent, etc. .

Packing, Storage and Transportation

25kg kraft bag lined with plastic bag, stored at room temperature and protected from light, the storage period is one year.

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